Photography Composition Tips

This video is an extremely clever demonstration 10 basic photography composition tips based on the work of photographer Steve McCurry.

With everyone owning a smart phone capable of capturing high-quality images, knowing your photography basics can be the foundation on which you can build your own personal stock photography library for use in your role as a communications professional.

10 Photography Composition Tips

  1. The Rule of Thirds – Divide the photo into thirds. Place points of interest on intersections & position important elements along the lines
  2. Leading Lines – Use natural lines to lead the eye into the picture
  3. Diagonals – Diagonal lines create great movement
  4. Framing – Use natural frames like windows and doors
  5. Figure to the ground – Find a contrast between subject and background
  6. Fill the frame – Get close to your subjects
  7. Center dominant eye – Place the dominant eye in the center of the photo. This gives the impression the eye follows you
  8. Patterns and repetition – Patterns are aesthetically pleasing but the best is when the pattern is interrupted
  9. Symmetry – Symmetry is pleasing to the eye
  10. Rules are meant to be broken