Augmented Reality For Firefighters

Beyond Social Media Show Transcript

David Erickson: This is from a Mashable article by Jordan Aaron, who shares a video and I’ve got a news report, I think it was Good Morning America news report, on Quake Technologies, who have developed a product called C-Thru, C as in cat through.

Which is an eyepiece that you put inside the helmets of firefighters. And it uses augmented reality and thermal imaging to allow firefighters to see through smoke, basically.

So the dangerous part of fire fighting obviously is going into very smoky and burning buildings and not being able to see your way around. What this does is present the edges of things, so you can see where a doorframe is, or you can see where a staircase is, or you can see where a body is.

BL Ochman: Wow.

David Erickson: It’s amazing. It’s amazing stuff. We’ll put the videos for it in the show notes so people can see it for themselves. Pretty cool.

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