Adobe AI-Powered Innovations

11 Adobe Sensei Demonstrations

Text Design

1. Fantastic Fonts

ProjectFantasticFonts allows you to refine any font to heart’s desire as well as to easily create text animations.

Audio Editing/Design

2. Sound Seek

This is for perfectionist solo podcasters.

With ProjectSoundSeek technology, you can automatically locate specific sounds within audio recordings like extraneous ums and ahs and delete them en mass, resulting in a much cleaner listening experience. The technology is language-agnostic.

3. Awesome Audio

With ProjectAwesomeAudio, you can remove unwanted noise from an audio file such as when a recording from your laptop picks up fan noise or keyboard clatter or when you record an interview in a coffee shop and turns it into a studio-quality recording in an instant.

4. Sweet Talk

ProjectSweetTalk technology allows you to use any audio speaking sample to animate any still image that includes a face…or more specifically, a mouth.

Image Editing/Design

5. All In

This technology allows you to effortlessly and quickly drop people into your photos who weren’t in the original.

6. About Face

ProjectAboutFace analyzes images for any digital manipulation and provides an assessment of the photo’s authenticity and probability of manipulation and can even reverse the manipulation to view the original.

7. Light Right

With ProjectLightRight technology you can radically adjust the lighting of a photograph after it has been taken, even to the point where you can reposition the lighting source and it will reposition the shadows cast in the image.

8. Glowstick

ProjectGlowstick gives you the ability to add a lightsource within Adobe Illustrator rather than having to simulate light with gradients.

9. Image Tango

ProjectImageTango lets you mix a detailed shape of one image and the intricate texture of another effortlessly.

Augmented Reality

10. Pronto

ProjectPronto is a augmented reality storyboarding tool that combines video recording with AR-editing to allow you to easily and quickly mock up ideas.


11. Go Figure

ProjectGoFigure lets you track people by skeleton and contour to vastly simplify animation workflows.

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