Is Storytelling In Journalism A Corruption?

Is the “story” the atomic unit of journalism or a seductive siren that leads us to favor drama and engagement over truth? The Claas Relotius scandal at Der Spiegel – revealing rampant fictionalizing by a star reporter – forces an examination of the question of whether storytelling is a necessity or a corruption and whether journalists and the public have become addicted to narrative.

This panel discussion is framed by Jeff Jarvis’ Medium post titled The Spiegel scandal and the seduction of storytelling.

The panelists are:

  • Swantje Dake (editor Stuttgarter Zeitung & Stuttgarter Nachrichten),
  • Jeff Jarvis (Newmark Journalism School CUNY),
  • Tanit Koch (editor-in-chief Central Newsroom RTL), and
  • Jay Rosen (Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute New York Univ.).

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