Holiday Commercials

Ten 2018 holiday commercials worthy of watching.

10) Kohl’s – Give Joy, Get Joy

Don’t quite buy the premise. Mrs. Johnson chased through an old west town by outlaws. She tosses the town residents gifts, hops on a train to evade the outlaws, and is given Kohl’s cash by a Kohl’s representative on the train as a reward.

9) Best Buy – One-Stop Shopping

Best Buy has everything you need plus, their sales people are experts.

8) Target – All The Ways

Catchy tune Meghan Trainor in Target red touting the ease of holiday shopping.

7) Walmart – Let The Good Times Roll

Shirley and Lee, not the Cars, sing to a commercial meant to anoint Walmart as the successor to Toys R Us.

6) Gap – Give Love. Give Gap.

Featuring Leon Bridges: A catchy song shot in style.

5) Amazon – Can You Feel It

Catchy song featuring singing Amazon boxes.

4) Apple – Share Your Gifts

Billie Eilish’s song is animated to the story of a writer who finds the joy in sharing, rather than hiding, her gifts.

3) Verizon – Thanksgiving Moment

A touching text message from son to father.

2) Audi – Parking Lot

This spot hilariously depicts the frustrations of holiday parking.

1) Macy’s – Space Station

Astronaut on the space station separated from her family during the holidays. She is given a heart-melting gift not to be opened until Christmas.