Consumer Identity: Stable & Unstable Likers

The keynote speaker at the Digital Marketing Summit in Minneapolis was Matt Wallaert, a behavioral scientist and Director of Microsoft Ventures.

He discussed consumer identity and how that relates to brand fans. Humans are very consumed with the factors that differentiate themselves from other individuals, what Wallaert refers to as their Special Snowflake.

Stable vs Unstable Likers

Wallaert categorizes consumers into two basic groups, Stable Likers and Unstable Likers.

He likens Unstable Likers to hipsters, who are interested in trends and whatever is the new hotness for what it says about their own identity. Once a thing becomes popular, Unstable Likers will abandon that thing.

Unstable Likers are useful to brands in terms of how they can amplify a message because they share content in order to demonstrate their hipness, so to speak.

Stable Likers, on the other hand, are deeply passionate about the things they like. They want to surround themselves with other Stable Likers with whom they can share their passion.

They want to get deep in the weeds about the topic that interests them, so the type of content brands need to share with them should reflect that depth.

In this presentation, Wallaert discusses his ideas about consumer identity in-depth. Warning: He lets slip the occasional swear word during his presentation.

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