Five Amazing Citizen Videos Of Moore, Oklahoma Tornado [VIDEO]

This is certainly not the first time we’ve seen storm-chasers post remarkable video of tornadoes but the videos of the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma, may be the most dramatic example. It is not surprising at all that these videos command tremendous interest: They are about dramatic weather events, which interests everyone, there is destruction involved, and, perhaps most compellingly, they provide a first person view of the event.

That latter point is an aspect of our share experiences that, until the advent of the Internet, was not available to the masses in the immediate fashion it is now. Prior to the widespread adoption of Internet access, the ability to experience something vicariously from a first-person point of view came largely through the medium of print. With the introduction of technologies like Google Glass, expect the presentation of content from a first-person point of view to only grow.

Found at YouTube from BasehuntersChasing.

Found at YouTube from Attila1487.

Found at YouTube from bholcomb14.

Found at YouTube from bnvn1.

Found at YouTube from Charles Cook.

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