Your Thoughts Can Now Be Recorded

Scientists have discovered a method of visually reconstructing your thoughts. Scientists at UC Berkley have developed an algorith that uses fMRI data to interpret how the brain reacts to visual stimuli and translate that onto a computer screen in the form of video.

The implications of this are huge and profound. The technology has the potential of allowing you to record your dreams and, obviously, to share your experiences effortlessly. And, if they’ve figured out a way to extract data directly from the brain, how much of a stretch is it to reverse the process and import data into the brain?

The following video shows images from a movie trailer alongside the reconstruction of this segment from brain activity measured using fMRI. Found at YouTube from gallantlabucb via Gizmodo.

The following video shows the original video that was shown to test subjects and stacked below it are the three reconstructed videos from data extracted from the three test subjects brain activity. The remaining videos are samples from the database of YouTube clips the algorithm uses to match with brain activity. Found at YouTube from gallantlabucb.


  1. Paul Geene on February 28, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    A reaction to a visual stimuli is not a thought, is the brain being put to work by a thought. A dream is not a thought, is an image produced in our brain based on information stored in what we call the subconscious. Thoughts are information carrying energies, and information is metaphysical, something that belongs to what we call the spiritual. To be able to record a thought, you would need to understand how the super-fine energies of the so-called spiritual operate, nothing supernatural about it. If we don’t destroy ourselves within the next one hundred year or so, our civilization too will eventually figure that out.

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