Marketing Trends

Mary Meeker: 2019 Internet Trends Report Highlights

June 12, 2019

Mary Meeker has published her annual Internet Trends Report and presented the highlights at Recode by Vox’s 2019 Code Conference.


13 Famous Audio Logo Examples

May 3, 2019

Audio branding is becoming increasingly important as voice activation technology advances and smart speakers proliferate.


13 Covers Of The Game Of Thrones Opening Credits

April 21, 2019

When something becomes a cultural phenomenon like Game Of Thrones, you can be sure that it will inspire imitations, mashups, parodies and official brand partnerships that hitch their wagons to its popularity.


Who Are Podcast Listeners? [VIDEO]

April 12, 2019

Edison Research has just published its annual Podcast Consumer report that sheds some light on just who is listening to podcasts and lends support for the idea that audio is a growing opportunity for content marketing.


Mary Meeker’s Ugly State Of The Internet Presentation [VIDEO]

June 1, 2014
Mary Meeker's Ugly State Of The Internet Presentation [VIDEO]

During episode 50 of the Beyond Social Media Show, David Erickson & B.L. Ochman discuss the wonderful yet atrociously-designed State of the Internet presentation Mary Meeker gives each year.


American Teens’ Favorite Social Networks [VIDEO]

April 19, 2014
American Teens' Favorite Social Networks [VIDEO]

David Erickson discusses research from Piper Jaffray about American teens social network preferences during this segment of the Beyond Social Media Show.


David Ortiz’s Samsung-Sponsored Selfie With President Obama [VIDEO]

April 6, 2014
David Ortiz's Samsung-Sponsored Selfie With President Obama [VIDEO]

Was Red Sox slugger David Ortiz’s selfie tweet with President Barack Obama a publicity stunt orchestrated by Samsung?


Facebook To Dramatically Slash Brands’ Page Reach [VIDEO]

March 23, 2014
Facebook To Dramatically Slash Brands' Page Reach [VIDEO]

David Erickson discusses a report by Valleywag that Facebook will slash the reach of Facebook brand pages down to one to two percent.


Television Multitasking [VIDEO]

February 8, 2014

David Erickson discusses the results of a Tivo study that provides insight into how television viewers use their mobile devices while watching TV.


Mobile 3D Scanning Technology: Occipital’s Structure Sensor App [VIDEO]

November 8, 2013
Mobile 3D Scanning Technology: Occipital's Structure Sensor App [VIDEO]

David Erickson discusses Occipital’s Structure Sensor app that turns your iPad into a 3D scanner.