When something becomes a cultural phenomenon, you can be sure that it will inspire imitations, mashups, parodies and official brand partnerships that hitch their wagons to its popularity.

HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones is just such a phenomenon. As illustrated in this Google Trends chart, interest in the show has grown year after year and peaks at the beginning of each new season.

Google Trends Chart for Game of Thrones searches from 2004-2019
Game of Thrones searches, 2004-2019. Click chart to enlarge

Before we take a look at some of the imitators, here’s the original version of the opening credits for Game of Thrones, Season Eight:

Game of Thrones, Season Eight opening credits

I’ve broken down the covers of Game of Thrones opening credits by category, starting with:

  • Brands, then
  • TV Shows & Movies, then
  • Parody, then
  • Video Games

4 Brands’ Take On The Game Of Thrones Intro


This is one was not produced by the Legos brand itself but is rather a take by a fan of both Legos and Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Legos Intro

Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons used the Game of Thrones into style to release their 2019 NFL schedule, taunting their opponent the New Orleans Saints in the process. Very clever.


Oreos always pulls off culturejacking well and this time is no exception with a superbly-animated, all-Oreos Game of Thrones intro.

Game of Thrones Oreos Intro

Fender Guitars

This is the best of the brand-related takes. Fender Guitars officially partnered with HBO to produce three custom-made guitars inspired by three Houses in the series.

This one opens not with a recreation of the Game of Thrones title sequence but with six guitarists doing an insanely-good cover of the theme song.

Fender Guitars cover of Game of Thrones theme song

2 TV Shows & 1 Movie Mashup Of The Game Of Thrones Intro

The Simpsons

This one is an actual couch gag from The Simpsons.

The Simpsons Couch Gag: Game Of Thrones

Breaking Bad

This one is a well-done mashup of the landmarks within AMC’s smash hit show Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad/Game Of Thrones Intro mashup

Lord Of The Rings

Here’s a fan-created mashup of Lord of the Rings footage with the Game of Thrones theme.

Lord Of The Rings/Game Of Thrones mashup

2 Game Of Thrones Intro Parodies

College Humor

This is what happens when someone starts humming the Game of Thrones theme at work.

College Humor’s Game of Thrones parody

Funny Or Die

Funny Or Die takes the amateur stab at the Game of Thrones intro recreation.

Funny Or Die’s Homemade Game Of Thrones intro

3 Game Of Thrones Intros For Videos Games & 1 For Pokemon

So, yeah, I know, Pokemon is not a video game (unless we’re talking Pokemon Go, but we’re not) but it’s still a game, so I’m including it here. If you got a problem with that…whatever.


Minecraft is tailor-made for doing a Game Of Thrones intro mashup.

Game Of Thrones Minecraft intro


Skyrim, too, it appears.

Game Of Thrones Skyrim intro

Super Mario World

This one’s fantastic. The Game Of Thrones theme is done in midi-music, of course!

Game Of Thrones Super Mario World intro


Game Of Thrones set in the world of Pokémon.

Game Of Thrones Pokemon intro


Edison Research has just published its annual Podcast Consumer report that sheds some light on just who is listening to podcasts and lends support for the idea that audio is a growing opportunity for content marketing.

Among the highlights from Edison’s latest report:

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This hour-long video walks through the results of the report:

Survey Methodology: In January/February 2019, Edison Research conducted a national telephone survey of 1,500 people aged 12 and older, using random digit dialing techniques to both cell phones and landlines. Telephone data was weighted to national 12+ U.S. population figures. In addition, Edison Research also conducted a national online survey of 4,126 people aged 12 and older. Online data weighted to match the Infinite Dial telephone demographics of those with internet access. Both surveys were offered in both English and Spanish.


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